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"Der freie Arzt" 2010/01

Initial Observations with Individual Physiologically-Charged Saline

Remarkable results achieved by using ‘physiologically-charged’ saline
solutions on patients suffering from the health conditions listed below
was presented at the 2nd International Congress event in Borken on 26th
and 27th September 2009, reports the planned study of the ethics
committee in Munster, Germany.

Different frequencies of information are stored within each
physiological saline solution which is being used in the treatment of
diabetes mellitus, Alzheimer's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
(ALS) and multiple sclerosis (MS). Professor Gunther M. Rothe gave a
lecture entitled ‘Water as an information carrier’ to provide
scientific rationale for the study.

So far, a total of 375 patients have been treated with the saline
solutions, 295 in Germany, 37 in the US, 42 in Austria and 1 in New
Zealand. 77 horses were also treated in Germany, Holland and Austria.
The ‘Lux’ solution was added to their drinking water or sprinkled onto
their food which was attributed to being the main reason why the horses
and other animals remained calm, even during a thunderstorm.

Different combinations of these innovative solutions have been used and
each seem to have a synergistically ‘curative’ effect without any
noticeable side effects. The saline solutions can also be taken with
other therapies. The different types of solution have been
individually named as follows:

WRU is being used for fatigue, convalescence, depression, muscle
weakness, neurasthenia, menopausal symptoms, potency disorders,
Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, MS, ALS, Lyme disease, and autism. After
using the WRU solution, health conditions improved by 82% on average
for each disease; the greatest result was that depression was reduced
by 94%.

As a result, enhanced mental performance, for example, increased the
number of hours a day that students could learn for an exam and retain

Furthermore, muscular-related gait, fine and gross motor skill
conditions significantly improved in 84% of patients over a 3-month
period. Amazingly, the solution also helped improve muscle strength,
which enabled athletes to be become even more efficient in 87% of the
cases studied.

Subsequently, pain-related conditions dramatically decreased in
patients of different ages by 82%. Its suitability for senior citizens
was further endorsed by the Director of an Elderly Care Centre who made
the following observations:

There was a significant increase in overall physical and mental
performance from 3 patients suffering from MS and 2 from Alzheimer's,
and a patient who suffered a fall from vertigo. In addition, 10 Lyme
disease patients were treated with WRU, ABix and Sigi and all recovered
from their pain, each reporting a reduction in pain frequency, and also
in their intensity of pain.

After 3 months, each patient took additional phials containing Wegas
and Lux, and they improved so much that they were able to work again.
10 ALS patients reported an increase in strength, and the quality of
speech also improved in 2 patients during the 7-month period.

For a patient suffering from shrinkage of the cerebellum, with
increasing dizziness symptoms and decreasing motor skills that are
often attributed to Lyme disease, he followed this therapy and after 3
months, he no longer needed outside help. Before the treatment, he had
required an escort, or a walker.

Sigi has been used to fight infections: 117 patients were suffering
from predominantly viral infections, including inhaled ‘swine flu’ (the
H1N1-Virus). Following treatment, the H1N1-Virus that had been
confirmed in one patient following a throat swab, was no longer
detected after 3 days of laboratory investigation. All influenza
patients reported only mild flu symptoms and experienced a swift
recovery period and therefore they returned to work earlier than

For one patient suffering with HIV infection, his white blood T-Cells
increased by double to almost normal levels and he therefore felt much
stronger. He had not previously been able to tolerate ‘Anti-retroviral’
therapy, and had had to cancel it.

76% of patients indicated that their mood was much better than usual,
37 patients with yeast infections took the saline remedy and they also
used the solution as a vaginal douche. All reported rapid improvements
in their symptoms.

For another patient with highly acute bursitis and redness on both
sides of his elbow, his condition had improved so much after 2 days
that he decided not to go ahead with his planned surgical treatment.

ABix has been used as a substitute antibiotic in 44 patients who
suffered from bacterial infections, yet they had intolerance to
antibiotics. All recovered well before the 3 days that is usually
takes for patients suffering from the discoloured yellow sputum, which
resulted in their sputum quickly changing back from yellow to white.

Plati is used as a stabilizer for the cell matrix and the nerves.
It had calmed the nerves during the daytime in 31 patients, and at
night it had helped 36 patients that couldn’t sleep.

Embri and Reset
Embri and Reset were used in 20 patients with skin-rashes or mucosal
conditions such as allergies, intestinal and digestive diseases. For
15 patients their symptoms disappeared completely, when on average it
had taken 6 years to see improvements using other treatments. Embri
should be taken in the morning. Reset can be taken at 3-hour intervals
in the afternoon.

Lux and Wegas
Lux and Wegas were used in 33 patients, and each one had been
extraordinarily successful. With patients suffering with Lyme disease,
after 3 months of therapy there was a considerable improvement of the

In Type 2 diabetes, the levels of insulin and HbA1c required had been
shown to change during long-term glucose monitoring for one patient
decreasing from 9.1 to 8.4, and as a result of continuing with the
therapy, the patient considerably reduced his number of insulin

Dramatic recovery from metastatic adeno-carcinoma and other primary
tumours that affect the liver function were shown after 3 weeks without
the need for other treatments: In 2 weeks, the gamma-GT was down from
750mg to 345mg/dl, GOT and GPT was down from 300mg to 180mg/dl.

The fracture of a patient’s arm who was suffering with bone metastases
began to heal and the condition improved significantly.

Whilst undergoing several eye washes using solutions containing Wegas
and Lux, the patients’ eye conditions became significantly better: 2
doctors now work without reading glasses which they had previously used
for about 3 years with a prescription of 1.5 diopters bilaterally.

For the following solutions, we currently only have limited data, so
these are mentioned here just briefly:

The choice of which saline solutions are used is made on an individual
case-by-case basis. All solutions must be stored in the dark; however
they do not have to be stored in the refrigerator.

These saline solutions will be made available over the Internet in the
near future at For further information in German
about this innovative therapy, please visit

The preliminary results will be concluded with definitive trials. We
would be delighted to hear from study participants, or colleagues who
wish to support this new type of medicine who would be willing to
actively participate in these studies.