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"Der freie Arzt" 2010/03

Seminar on ‘Physiologically-Charged’ Saline Solutions

A Summary Report from Dr. Sigrid Teupe

A seminar took place on 21st February 2010 in Wulfen in Germany about
the following subject:

41 seminar attendees observed the effects of both oral and intravenous
applications of ‘physiologically-charged’ saline solutions (refer to
article in "Der Freie Arzt/HP NATUR-Heilkunde," 12-1/2010 edition,
pages 10-11).

Dr. Schlebusch showed the effects on one ‘test patient’ by
demonstrating how to test the effectiveness of medicines by using
electro-acupuncture equipment.

Out of the 15 test bottles that were in the Herbalux test kits, ‘Renz’
was found to be the right choice for that specific test patient.
Previously, the equipment showed that the patient’s face had a rather
erratic distribution of heat. However, once injected with 5 ml of the
psychologically-charged saline solution known as ‘Renz’, the patient’s
face immediately began to show a much healthier (more coherent)
distribution of heat.

Then, after taking another dose of 15 mls of ‘Renz’ (which this time
was taken orally and kept in the mouth for a short period of time
before swallowing), it showed an even stronger coherence. ‘Renz’ is
the agent that works psychologically to make you happier. For the next
5 hours throughout the rest of the seminar, the test patient felt much
more cheerful, relaxed and she said she felt good inside.

Whilst being monitored by a continuous infrared camera, a second test
patient was injected with 2 mls of ‘WRU’ and 18 mls of ‘Sigi’. Even
immediately after the patient’s injection, there were spontaneous
changes within the infrared analysis; his body’s energy was much more
symmetrically balanced and harmonised.

The patient stated immediately after the injection that he felt more
alert, much better than before, not so tired, and his joints that had
previously shown symptoms of Lyme disease immediately felt less
painful. ‘WRU’ increases the energy to make you more powerful.

‘Sigi’ is an anti-infection remedy and in 25 of my own patients, I have
successfully used this remedy in the treatment of Lyme disease.
Michael Kohl from Duisburg showed kinaesthetically (through
muscle-testing) how to select the correct Herbalux remedy.

The seminar demonstrated that by giving the remedy intravenously and
orally helps to increase the coherence of the human body.

You should avoid the remedy getting into contact with electromagnetic
fields and (laser) light because it weakens the effectiveness of the
remedy in the body. Therefore it should be kept in the dark and kept
away from cordless/mobile phones or computers.

Other seminars and studies are planned. If you are interested, please
contact the German Association for Frequency Therapy by phone on:

+49 2369 2059863 or Fax: +49 2369 2059864